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“Complete and Concise” birth prep

Primed offers birth classes in Portland, Beaverton, Vancouver and Camas. Join other expectant parents in a comfortable environment for an open, honest, and realistic Birth Prep experience that covers “what you really need to know” about having a baby. Intimate class sizes and an open format facilitates community and tailored class content.

You will be informed about the entire birth process, and feel prepared by addressing the emotional and psychological aspects of labor. You will know how to optimize your experience in each stage of the process, and be set in motion with The Tummy Team’s strategies for physical resilience before and after birth!

Everyone has differing individual preferences and concerns, so Primed gets you ready for the kind of birth that feels best to you, in an unbiased way. Creating the experience you hope for, while being prepared for unexpected twists, is a perfect way to prime yourself for birth…and for parenthood!

Our Classes Will Cover:

  • Physiology:  how to optimize your experience in each phase of labor by working with your body – including Tummy Team strategies for optimal positioning, pushing and physical resilience before and after birth!
  • Pain:  hands on comfort measures, pain medication options, pain coping techniques, and positions for labor and birth
  • Partner involvement:  the role of partners and other support people, tools & techniques for labor support
  • Birth plans: personalized for you, including flexibility for variations of labor and unexpected outcomes
  • Empowerment:  identify and realistically address your fears and concerns about birth and early parenting
  • Moving Forward:  postpartum planning & recovery, bonding & transitioning to life with baby; infant care & development; balancing baby-care and self-care; breastfeeding, and alternative infant feeding
  • Community:  resources for your entire childbearing year

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