About Primed


Primed Birth prep is about getting you informed, prepared, and set in motion for birth.

Informed  It’s important to know what to expect, but it’s easy to become overwhelmed and bogged down by too much information. Primed has created a concise & complete birth class that offers you the information you need to be making informed choices and preparing now, without weeks of classes.

Prepared  Having a baby is not only a physical, but also a very emotional process. By including both aspects in your birth prep, you will be able to affect your birth experience for the better!  These classes provide practical tools to address the emotional the emotional aspects of preparing for birth from how to cope with pain, to how to address the fears that can affect the way your labor unfolds. Everyone has differing individual preferences and concerns, so Primed gets you ready for the kind of birth that feels best to you, in an unbiased way. Creating the experience you hope for, while being prepared for unexpected twists, is a perfect way to prime yourself for birth…and for parenthood!

Set In Motion   Primed classes will give you hands-on ways to “stack the deck in your favor” and work with your body in the labor process. Physical prep and recovery can often get swept aside in pregnancy, birth plans and life with a brand new baby. Grab hold of practical tools from various different childbirth philosophies, including The Tummy Team’s tried and true strategies for physical strength and resilience to optimize your “before and after”.


Primed is sponsored by/affiliated with The Tummy Team – a group of highly trained Core Rehabilitation Specialists. Learning how to protect, engage, and bring your core muscles back together again is often missing in the midst of all the information and care women receive in pregnancy and postpartum. Primed brings together both a balanced childbirth curriculum and physical strategies from The Tummy Team to prime you for a better pregnancy, for labor and for feeling like yourself again afterward.

Meet Karli

Karli created Primed Birth Prep out of a passion for supporting women to proactively embrace their experience in pregnancy, childbirth and mothering.

Karli’s professional birth experience began with attending births at the age of 16 and working as a doula before attending Birthingway College of Midwifery in 2001. Several years as a midwifery apprentice led to the surprising realization that even attending hundreds of other women’s births couldn’t have prepared her to face the intricate individual journey that each mother must take. The birth of her first daughter in 2006 was an ‘everything that could happen – happened!’ kind of birth which intensified her devotion to assisting women in having empowered birth experiences.

While raising two daughters and loving life in Portland, she currently teaches Primed Classes in the greater Portland/Vancouver area. She is honored to facilitate new parents as they shape the way that their pregnancy, birth and “after” unfold.